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Want to make a girl your sex friend and bang her anytime that you want? Then you’re in the right place. A little bit of warning though… this page may not be up for long so grab this information on how to get a girl to be your sex friend now! Click the video!

Sex Friend

How To Have A Sex Friend

Most guys used to dream of having a perfect girl that they are yearning for but they do not know how to express the love they already have on them. Getting a girl to like you is not at all a simple task as no one knows what the girls actually like. If you are the one among those guys and not aware of How to Get a Girl to like you, read the following tips to unleash your charm and make her your sex friend.

Like Her Likings

A girl will like a person who likes her or at least the things that she desire. The primary thing which is loved by every girl is herself. Most of the girls used to speak about themselves, their desire, their hobbies and friends. Thus, if you really like her, you have abundance of things to talk about her. Moreover, girls prefer to talk so put out a question about herself, her area of interest, her hobbies and friends. This makes her to feel that you like her likings.

Be Mysterious

Some girls tend to like those guys who are behaving mysterious. You can engage such girls through your conversation, but don’t reveal so much about you, especially, if you have any negative thing. This would create a bad impression on your and there is a chance for the girl to dislike you. So, hide the truth which shows your negative character.

Have Positive Attitudes

The experts used to say that girls like those guys who seem to be very funny. Some guys take an advantage of this saying and used to tell jokes to get the girl to like them. However, this is not the case as being humor in everyday occasions, having a smile on your face and appositive attitude helps a lot in attracting the girls than striving to lure their attention.

Be Attentive

A girl also likes an attentive guy. If you want to be her sex friend then you must try to notice her special feature such as her hair style, facial feature and new outfit which are not noticed by others. You appreciate her new features which make her feel that you are interested on her.

Listen To The Girl

As already mentioned, girls like to talk even if the matter is not so important. They also like guys who listen to their words, their dreams and their thoughts. Listening to her words will help you to make her like you. When she is talking about her problem, all you need to do is to listen and sympathize. Do not give her any advice or try to solve the problems because she does not expect those things from you. This is what guys do when they want a girl to be their sex friend. Stop! All she needs is someone to listen to her problems or her thoughts.

Be Sociable:

Being approachable and sociable is considered to be one of the effective tips on How to Get a Girl to like you. Try to have a smile on your face but don’t have a fake smile but a genuine one. If in case, you are not able to put on a sincere smile, just think about the amazing traits that she possesses.

Try To Be Smart

You should not act that as if you know everything to make her love you. Trying to be smart is not meant that you should show off all your academic graduations or your knowledge about various things in the world. It will be boring to the girl. Rather, you have your own opinion and try to justify them with sensible answers.

Be Confident

While talking to a girl you want to be your sex friend, you should not lower or cover your head as these are considered to be the signs of guys who lack self confidence. It is also important to avoid holding your head up a lot, as no one likes to talk with haughty guys. Most girls get attracted to the guys those who have some basic personalities. SO be humble and try to portray your self confidence which let you score more points than striving to create impression on you.

Flirt With The Girl

Trying to flirt with your loveable girl by complementing her in different ways helps you to make her coy and happy. While talking to her, just look into her eyes and portray her that she has all your attentions. While talking use your humor sense and make her laugh and don’t blatant.

Avoid Pampering The Girl

Even though, you are striving to persuade your dream girl to be your sex friend, you should not shower them with affection and flowers every day. If you are always trying to please your girl and make them feel like an angel or a princess, she may likely to reject you as it makes her feel that you are trying to have control over her. Most of the girls do not like the guys to boss them rather they need a balance.

Be Punctual

Whether you are going to help her to complete her homework or going to pick up her at the end of her office, be there on time. This would make her to depend on you and will be expecting you every day. While doing these things, be careful as there are chances to fall into the friends trap. So try to take her on dates on regular basis and try to convey her that you want to be more than a friend.

On the whole, be attentive, be punctual, be smart, be mysterious, be confident and be sociable to get a girl like you. Or at least make her to think of you. This is how you make her your sex friend.

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